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Strategic, quality brand design shouldn't just be reserved for the big corporations and multinational budgets. Wadsworth Branding was founded on making 'big agency' impact available for small to medium businesses like yours.

We Want to
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At Wadsworth Branding, we lead with curiosity, and strip away designer ego.

For your independent business to compete with the behemoths you need targeted branding that will stand up, and stand out.

We’re here to help you build your brand strategy, identify your gap in the market, and design a timeless brand identity, giving you the confidence to act and grow.

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Brand Strategy.

The first thing we do is sit down with you for a comprehensive strategy workshop. We dive deep into what makes your brand great, and put a spotlight on your opportunities, taking the time to consider the way your brand positions itself, and who the audience is that you’re trying to reach.

We help you do that all-important research, scope out the competition, understand your audience, and figure out precisely where we should be focusing our design efforts to support your success.

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Brand Identity Design.

It’s all about finding that sweet spot for your brand’s visuals and voice. A nail-on-the-head, unmissably unique style that gets the right people to fall in love with you from day one.

Our approach to design is iconic, timeless, and logically creative. We know how to package up an exceptional idea with elevated, consistent brand guidelines, turning your “target audience” into a loyal tribe – that’s what you need to go global, and survive becoming last year’s “Flavour of the Month”.

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Brand Launch.

We love working with small businesses who are prepared to go the distance - who are looking for that little push to get their brand launched and scaling.

We offer bespoke packages, including everything you’re going to need on your quest for brand transformation: printing, web development, digital marketing, social media marketing and video production.

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What They Say

After Working With Us.

"I am so impressed with Marcus and the work Wadsworth Branding did for me! So incredibly pleased; I can't say enough. I feel like I've been given a huge gift finding and getting to work with them. Marcus’ years of experience in graphic design and brand development were very evident throughout the entire process, and his attention to, and care for, my brand was so over-and-above."

Melissa Benson, Just Like Joan
Arizona, USA

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“We genuinely can't stop the phone ringing since using Wadsworth Branding to boost our online presence. Lots of business coming on, just wondering how to manage it all! Quality, branding, logo and website work for our London based company.”

Gina Thompson, Horizon
London, UK

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“This was a great experience from moment one! We targeted the brand and product and we worked together for a masterful final product. They understand where I am coming from and honestly support my business and vision. The process is so smooth and easy, I highly recommend… and excited to continue my relationship with them in the future.”

Derek Baxter, Off Kilter Theatre
Florida, USA

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“If you are looking for a professional design agency, stop your search! You have found them! Marcus' experience and positive outlook will have you at ease from the get go… He not only designed my brand but gave it a voice, direction and made it come alive! Marcus has incredible vision, a collaborative approach and a keen eye for detail. Thank you Wadsworth Branding!”

Majid Sayani, Red Hearing
London, UK

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See More Testimonials!

More Than “Pretty”.

You know you’ve got something good - but you want to discover its full potential! You want to find your gap in the market, identify the exact people who will fall in love with what you're offering, and communicate in a way that gets them to want more.

Our Creative Director - Marcus Wadsworth - partners with you to build your strategy throughout the design process. Guiding you through a comprehensive evaluation of your brand, your competitors, and your ideal customers - discovering the perfect place to make your mark with:

Your USP.
Your Market Gap.
Your Brand’s Reason for Being.

Let’s get started!

Our Work.

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Are You Ready?

If you're ready to invest in the success of your business, then we are too!
Let's start making some waves with a clear, targeted brand strategy and an iconic, timeless brand identity design for your business!

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